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Friday, June 17, 2005

DC Smoking Ban

Not for nothing, but does anyone find it funny that the same year DC undoes the assault weapons ban, they're suddenly really concerned about the health of their citizens when it comes to smoking? Not even the people smoking: they're worried that people who work in bars and restaraunts are going to die an early, cancer-riddled death. Well, I say kudos to the DC City Council. I hope that this ban passes. You know why? Because I work in Virginia and live in Maryland. And we're going to be getting all the money from people who flood out of the city to go to a bar that's not Disneyfied. And then we'll get all the revenue. And if there's one thing DC's depleated schools and crime-ridden streets need, it's less money - especially since, the first place they decided to look, is towards consenting adults. Not JUST adults, mind you, but people who are over the age of twenty-one.

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