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Thursday, June 30, 2005

"The Nuggets landed two quality players in Hodge and Kleiza and two prospects for the future in Sanchez and Hervelle. All have a lot of talent. Hodge and Kleiza have that toughness that George Karl loves.

But I wonder if the Nuggets missed the target here. The Nuggets needed a big-time shooter to play the three and a center to help spell Marcus Camby. They landed neither even though there were intriguing prospects on the board.

For instance, Francisco Garcia and Johan Petro might have been a better combo for them.

It wasn't a disastrous draft by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't all that it could have been either. "
Thus spoke Chad Ford about the Nugget's draft of Julius Hodge and Linus somethingsomething.
Now, maybe it's just me, but if they needed a big-time shooter to play the three, wouldn't a good fit be, say, the 2004 3-point shooting champion, who just happened to be injured for the 2004-2005 season for all but three games?
Oh, wait, Voshon Lenard is already on the team... my bad.

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