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Thursday, December 15, 2005


An NAACP leader criticized Donovan McNabb for everything under the sun. Among other things, he believes that Donovan McNabb is responsible for Terrell Owens being a selfish whore, and for perpetuating black stereotypes by not running enough.

Now, on the TO thing, which has been beaten to death: Donovan McNabb, when TO first came to Philadelphia, took him into his home over the summer, did workouts with him, and basically acted as a father figure (despite being, I believe, younger). He did everything he could to get the team to accept TO, who had sort of a reputation for being a whore. Then what does TO do? After the Superbowl, he criticizes McNabb for being too tired. Or something. Now, I know a lot has been made of TO's Superbowl "heroics," but it's important to note that he didn't accomplish anything. He went over 100 yards recieving largely because the Patriots let him - he was obviously still injured, and letting him catch underneath routes was fine with them. Seven yards on third-and-10 with no possibility of any yards after the catch doesn't matter, and they could worry about other threats.

So what does McNabb do? He - again - invites him out to his house for offseason workouts and dinner with his family. The NAACP spokesman claims that McNabb could have given up some of his salary to help keep TO around. Sure - he also could have shucked and jived and shined his shoes. That doesn't make it reasonable. TO's contract was worth over $50 million. He had a chance to get more money, but he chose to sign that contract. Don't sign it if you don't like it.

On McNabb's scrambling? The dude almost broke his sternum in the first game, against the Falcons. Then he was playing with a sports hernia. Then he got a bruised shin. And the NAACP guy thinks he's being an Uncle Tom for not wanting to die scrambling all the time. Maybe if he watched football he would have a better grasp of things.

In any case, is this really what the NAACP has come to? They bitch about the South Carolina flag, while ignoring the widespread poverty in the state. Their solution there was to boycott the South Carolina tourism industry (a boycott that continues, despite the obvious fact that South Carolina hasn't lost any revenue from it), which, if it had any effect, would be to further harm the low-level black employees who work for hotels and so on throughout the state. And now? The head of the NAACP in Philadelphia, a city with massive drug problems and endemic AIDS among their poverty stricken minority populations, decides to take a shot at the Eagles quarterback for not rushing more. Wow. Just wow.

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