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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I meant to post this earlier, but whatever.

I went to Queens, NY for Thanksgiving. The friday after the turkey holocaust, we went to one of the movie theaters in the area to do something somewhat low-key. Now, Queens is a very, very diverse place. And I don't mean 'diverse' as the liberal code for 'black,' I mean there are a jillion different nationalities. I'm pretty sure I heard someone speaking Aramaic at one point. It's just insane.

We got to the theater to see a 7:05 movie, and it was, predictably, very crowded. And our specific movie was towards the back of the complex. Yet a funny thing happened - as we walked down the hall lined with the actual theaters, and it began to thin out, the racial composition filtered off to about half black, and half white.

The last two screens were for Pride and Prejudice (the movie we were seeing), and Get Rich or Die Trying.

You can guess where each group was headed.

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