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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Crazy Delicious

Fuck Lazy Sunday from Baltimore's Citypaper. The rundown: guy is pissed about the Lazy Sunday video played on SNL, calls it racist, and implores people to stop repeating it.

He's right. The reason the Lazy Sunday video is funny is because it's two very, very Anglo guys rapping thug-style about going to see a movie. That's not really racism, in the same way Adam Sandler's "Opera Guy" character isn't racist. It's a parody of a style - and the reason it's funny isn't that rap is "supposed" to be thuggish black guys talking about women, money and drugs. It's that rap is mostly about that. When DMX and Kanye start cutting tracks about cupcakes, it will stop being a parody.

However, I do sympathize with the author - nowadays, when people hear something funny like this, they can't leave it the fuck alone. Most of Dave Chappelle's show has been ruined by dorky drunk frat boys repeating the lines ad nauseum. And SNL sucks now. We can all accept that, and move on.

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