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Thursday, January 05, 2006

USC Gets Owned

What ESPN? I can't hear you? Greatest team of all time? Huh?

Not to say I told you so, but I did. And I will be enjoying my winnings as a result of faith in USC being overrated.

A few notes about the game:

- This was not a "threepeat" bid for the Trojans. I know this because two years ago, the championship game was between Oklahoma and LSU. And while "US" is part of "LSU", the "L" is a dead givaway that it was not, in fact, Southern Cal playing in the game. Honestly, the media myopia is sickening. They are bitter that the team they voted #1 in the AP poll wasn't in the game, so they just decide to take their ball and go home. Get over yourselves. The reason we have a system that we set up prior to the season is specifically because the media and fans are prone to bandwagoning in a big way. You know what USC could have done to be in the championship? Beat 7-5 Cal.

- After the game, Leinart said, "I still think we're a better football team. They just made the plays in the end." Yeah, not to be a dick, but if they make the plays and you do not, that makes them the better football team. Also, if you remove the idiotic fumbled punt return, the fumble on the second drive from the 10, and the bizarre off-tackle run play on 4th and 1 that USC stuffed (basically, all the just silly, easily avoidable mistakes in the first third of the game), it wouldn't have even come down to the last play. Texas pretty consistently pushed the USC defense around, only to kill themselves. Not to mention, some questionable calls at the beginning there. That "facemask" penalty? The "late hit" where the 300 pound lineman barely touched Leinart (while trying to slow down - it wasn't a "hit"), and Leinart threw himself to the ground? The complete non-call for offensive pass interference when Jarett pushed off in the first quarter? I'm just saying.

- Speaking of which, Hey Matty, harder to convert those short yardage situations without an illegal push, isn't it?

- Bush is not the type of player a struggling NFL franchise can build around. I'm just telling you now, the Texans would be smart to trade down to get more picks to build an offensive line. Even if he's the type of guy who can go off at any time, that sort of running back doesn't work in the NFL. He's extremely undersized. It's not suprising that, at 4th and 2 with the game on the line, USC went to LenDale White. White was consistently good the entire game - he had about the same YPC as Bush, but without breaking any really long runs (I think his long was 18 yards or something). While he seems to be pretty quick, he is the type who will last 5-6 years before he starts to wear down. If I were a struggling NFL team with a lot of needs, he would be about the sixth player I would take.

- Vince Young just looked so much more composed than any other player on the field. He didn't even seem to panic when he was being rushed by three USC defenders - he just stepped to the side, and threw the ball, as if they were annoying him. People keep comparing him to Vick, but he seems more like Randall Cunningham or a faster Daunte Culpepper.

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