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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Contribution to the Ivy League

I have a confession: I live near Washington, DC.

Okay, so that wasn't really a confession in the tradition of St. Augustine, but it's true nonetheless. And if there's one thing DC has more of than brutal, unsolved murders or poverty, it's former Ivy Leaguers. I know this because, should a brave soul venture forth into what passes for 'nightlife' in the city, people will feel the need to remind them of it once every fifteen seconds.

The problem many of these industrious, and no doubt intelligent, folks have is that their attempts at communicating with members of the opposite sex are (to put it mildly) 'cute.' Obviously, as with any pointless generalization, this is not true of everyone - but it certainly seems to be abnormally common.

This is why I'm glad Yale has created 'Sex Week' to address this growing problem.

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