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Monday, May 08, 2006

My Only Point Is...

Genealogy of a Low-Wage Manual Labor Job:
1600 - 1865: Done by slaves, who were forced into doing them against their will.
1865 - 1917: Done by Irish immigrants coming to America to avoid starving in the potato famine.
1917 - 1929: Done by Polish immigrants escaping WWI. Joined by the Armenians who escaped the genocide - they were getting slaughtered by the thousands while it was still 'underground.'
1929 - 1941: Done by whomever. Depressions are egalitarian!
1941 - 1945: Done by women, who had previously not been part of the work force.
1945 - 1971: Done by displaced immigrants from WWII - your tired, your meek, your huddled day laborers.
1971 - Present: Welcome, our border jumping amigos!

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