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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Since I can't actually shop for anything, being very broke, I decided to pretend shop and put it in a post.

Okay. I get it. I don't need any more jeans, especially Sevens. But look at the pocket! Cost: $162

Yeah. Whatever. They're plaid, and I love them. Cost: $50

Classy. Also, I need more stuff I can go out in DC with. Cost: $72

Ditto. Cost: $90

I really like Theory. It's like the poor man's D&G, and while my BR suit is cool and all, I probably need to get something else one of these days. Cost: $575

I totally need a new pair of Campers, while we're at it. Cost: $152

Plain, but I currently have two pairs of shorts. I feel as if that may not be enough for an entire summer. Cost: $60

Would look good, especially for layering. cost: $29

A fifth bag seems fitting. Cost: $68

While we're dreaming. Cost: $1503

Total cost: $2600

I feel better :)

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