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Friday, June 02, 2006

Don't Mess

In 2002, I went to APDA Nationals as a freshman. Mostly, I was dragged along by a senior who had qualified and had no partner - something incredibly fortuitous for me, since there is no goddamn way I was qualified to be there, nor were we going to win very many rounds. So I did what I do in these situations: get very drunk and watch obscure sports. One of the things I watched was some random softball game between Texas and someone other than Texas, and I only remember it was Texas, because the pitcher was Cat Osterman. And I remember the pitcher was Cat Osterman, because in my haze, I developed what can only be described as a massive crush on her.

Well, last night, in the softball world series, she struck out 18 batters in a game against Arizona State. This is fairly notable because, among other things, there are only 21 outs in a college softball game. She walked zero people, and allowed one hit.

This is why I love sports like softball/field hockey/etc... Stuff like this happens.

Also, Cat Osterman is wickedly hot.

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