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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Greener Pastures

I will probably be ending this blog fairly soon, and possibly starting a new one. I've just had this thing for-fucking-ever, and feel like it might be time to make a fresh start. I suppose this will have no practical consequence, but for posterity, here are a selection of posts I've made over the past three plus years that I like for one reason or another (almost never because they're well-written, usually because they are emblematic of the time in which they were written.)

My AA Test(April 2003)
Museum of Art (May 2003)
Dumb E-mail Survey
The Breakup Post (July 2003)
The MVA (August 2003)
I Apply to be an EOF (August 2003)
Me at my most Cynical (October 2003)
Some Personal Statement I Wrote (October 2003)
Psychiatry Sucks (November 2003)
Okay, I Still Hate Lacan (December 2003)
EMO (December 2003)
VIVA LA REVOLUTION! (February 2004)
My Love Affair With Scalia Begins (March 2004)
Abortion, or Something (July 2004)
My Substitute For Religion (Superfresh)(September 2004)
Greatest Sandwich Ever (October 2004)
So Pretentious But Why? (October 2004)
Hating on Academia (December 2004)
An Attempt to Love Monogamy (December 2004)
How To Be an APDA Board Candidate (January 2005)
Something my Brother Wrote - Highly Recommended (February 2005)
More Emo (February 2005)
Pills, man. Pills (March 2005)
The Funniest Thing I've Ever Seen (March 2005)
Guide to Debate: Part I, Part II, Part III (July-October 2005)
Amorality (February 2006)
Guide to V-Day (February 2006)

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